Our Mission

For our Grieving is dedicated to providing support for all as they navigate grief and heal from loss, whether from death, divorce/separation, job loss, incarceration or other trauma. We provide a safe, friendly, and professional environment where bereaved individuals of all ages and their families can find uplifting, encouragement, support, resources, education, and strength while dealing with all types of loss

How We Support

Create Community

Our age-based groups foster community and friendship.

Provide Resources

We provide resources for all forms of grief.

Raise Awareness

We raise awareness that children need support.

Mentors and Volunteers

We have lots of programs and events that we need assistance with

Somewhere After the Rainbow

We’ve all experienced the hurt and pain of losing a loved one. Even though our losses may not be the same, our pain is universal, the hurt is familiar. It is heavy! It feels like a boulder that you are carrying around, and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to shake the weight. If you….


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Superheroes Needed

Are you available to help spread sunshine while brightening lives? We are looking for passionate individuals 18 years of age and older who are interested in community service and are dedicated to FOG’s mission.

Mentors and Volunteers

We have lots of programs and events that we need assistance with. Our mentors and volunteers are both a friend and role model who supports and encourages our youth during their grieving process.

Group Facilitators

Opportunities include facilitating our FOG group sessions during our monthly meetings. Facilitator’s plan and lead activities, games, and conversations. We also have workshops and seminars where the facilitators will lead break out sessions.

Fundraising Committee

FOG provides community education and support programs to grieving families at no cost to participants. Whether you have an innovative idea for fundraising or wish to work with a team to establish events that will help us continue FOG’s mission and vision, we need you! Tasks include organizing events, marketing, and community relations.

FOG MAD- For Our Grieving Moms and Dads

When you lose a child, it’s like losing your breath and never catching it again! No matter if your child was lost in the womb or after many years on this earth, their absence is a large void in your heart. FOG MAD understands your pain. We have gone through the same hurt and know that it is not easy.

Find A Group

FOG has groups for those dealing with all types of loss. Find your group here.

FOG SIBS- For Our Grieving Siblings

Sibling Loss is one of the most neglected types of grief, especially in adulthood.

FOG KiDS- For Our Grieving Kids

Unfortunately, when a child deals with a loss, they face the cruel reality that the world is not always cupcakes and rainbows.